Export Control Profession: Who We Are


The mission of the Export Control Profession is to support and represent the export control profession, to promote compliance with export and import controls and trade sanctions in the UK and globally, and to provide Members with essential resources, professional points of contact and learning support.

Export - and import - controls and trade sanctions are now the global norm and entities wishing to do, or facilitate trade, must comply with the associated regulations and controls - for tangible and intangible goods, technology, software and services. Although there is some commonality in approach, the regulations can differ considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They are also under frequent review, and changes may be significant. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe, including multi-million-pound fines, loss of permission to trade and even custodial sentences. And even where the penalties are minor, the impact on reputation, access to trade facilitations, and therefore business, may prove costly.

Demonstrable compliance with export and import controls and trade sanctions can also offer a competitive advantage both in terms of being able to conduct business with certain countries and access to trade facilitations, but also by ensuring goods and technology can flow in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To ensure both compliance and expeditious trade, exporting and importing organisations such as industry and academic institutions must access good-quality and up-to-date information from all relevant jurisdictions. Many appoint Export Control professionals and points-of-contact who develop Internal Compliance Programmes. The Export Control Profession has been established to provide such staff with the resources they need to enhance the compliance of their employing organisations.