Use of incorrect licence references in customs documentation is delaying exports – and other key updates for control professionals

incorrect licence references

Businesses trading military or dual-use items need to stay abreast of the latest rule changes both home and abroad.

They need to do this while ensuring their compliance processes are up-to-date and that the information they submit in customs documentation, relating to their export licences, is accurate.

Here the IOE&IT Daily Update rounds up some of the most important recent updates that control professionals need to know about.

1: Incorrect licence references delay exports from the UK

HMRC has advised the ECJU that traders are experiencing delays to their exports because they are inserting incorrect licence references in their customs documentation.

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2: China introduces contentious ‘blocking’ laws

The Chinese government has enacted new ‘blocking’ rules to counteract the extraterritorial application of certain foreign laws that it considers unjustifiable – a move that may prove to be a “new point of contention” in US-China relations, according to experts.

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3: Government notifies exporters of licensing and control list changes

The Department for International Trade’s Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) has released multiple ‘Notice to Exporters’ bulletins in recent weeks including amended open general licences and new controls on munition items.

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