On-Demand Trade Compliance Training Launched for Exporters

New on-demand trade compliance training has been launched by the Export Group for Aerospace, Defence & Dual-Use (EGADD), and online trade compliance training provider Content Enablers, have partnered to produce new training.

The new training is the result of extensive work by EGADD – the UK’s only dedicated national industrial body dealing exclusively with export control issues – and Content Enablers to identify and address the training needs of exporters of controlled goods. It is designed to increase robust understanding of the regulations and promote compliance in export control mechanisms.

Created in an engaging, self-paced format, the training programme is designed to reflect both job function and compliance responsibility with specific modules for professional staff as well as compliance practitioners.

The new online training products are now available to EGADD members who are encouraged to use the subscription-based model to complete their training, reinforcing and extending their trade compliance knowledge. Upon completing the training, participants will receive Certificates of Continuing Professional Development from King’s College London.

Brinley Salzmann, Director of Overseas and Exports at EGADD and ADS, said:

“Our member companies operate an increasingly complex global trade environment. Ensuring that their leadership and employees in marketing and business development, engineering, human resources, and other roles understand how to spot potential red flags is critical to avoiding potential fines, penalties, and reputational damage.

“We wanted to make certain that our member companies have access to the best trade compliance training possible, and Content Enablers has a proven track record of providing training to leading companies in the aerospace and defence industry.”

Brad Kabanuk, President of Content Enablers said:

“Content Enablers has supported the compliance training needs of UK companies for two decades, but the need for effective training has never been more pronounced. This partnership with EGADD leverages our expansion into on-demand learning-as-a-service and our collaboration with King’s College London for continuing professional development units for our courses.”

“We are truly excited to partner with EGADD to create a unique trade compliance training offering for their member companies. Given our extensive experience in the UK aerospace and defense industry, combined with our unique learning model and industry-first partnership with King’s College London, we are well positioned to add significant value as a partner for EGADD.”