The Netherlands publish new guidelines

The Dutch government has published guidelines on how to compile a ‘Internal Compliance Programme’ for strategic & sanctioned goods.

A new document has been released by the Dutch authorities containing business guidelines. This was drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs alongside the Central Office for Import and Export (CDIU). This document is primarily intended for exporters of strategic and sanctioned goods. It also provides useful pointers for exporters of strategic technology.

Dutch export control policy is based on international agreements and commitments that have been implemented at national level on the basis of EU legislation. The Netherlands has signed a number of conventions and takes part in the international export control regimes that aim to regulate the global distribution of certain ‘sensitive’ goods.

Responsibility for ethical export control lies with both the business community and the competent authorities. The Dutch government monitors export control on strategic goods.

Download in English: ‘Guidelines for compiling an Internal Compliance Programme’