Licences Workshop

Pre-course Knowledge:

You will have some experience of making licence applications (if relevant) and undertaken prior training from the Learning Path.


This Workshop aimed at improving the permissions exporters obtain to export strategically controlled military and dual-use items, thereby reducing the number of licences required and improving compliance.

With the wealth of Export Control Licences available to UK exporters, finding the right one to enable your company to export efficiently can be daunting. Based on course feedback, input from the SPIRE replacement program (LITE), and our Compliance Unit, this course is a development of our ‘Making Better Licence Applications’ workshop and aimed at guiding exporters through the licence types available; deciding which one is right for your export.

Attendees will first be taken through the core Standard and Individual Export Licence (SIEL) application screens to demonstrate how prior planning can reduce the number of 'Requests For Information' (RFIs), reduced work and quantity of licences required.

The course will then turn to Open General Licences (OGLs and EU GEAs); covering what is available, online resources and how to read OGLs to improve compliance with the terms and conditions.

Cost: £108

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