Intermediate Practitioners course

Pre-course Knowledge:

You should have some previous knowledge of Strategic Export Controls and reviewed the Consolidated Control List (free download) before attending this course.


A more detailed look at the different elements of controls, the licence assessment process and the actions you need to take to remain compliant.

The day will comprise a series of presentations and exercises, including:

  • Control Lists that affect the UK:
    • International Regimes and the Consolidated Control List
    • What does ‘Specially Designed or Modified for Military Use’ mean?
    • How to read ‘Dual Use’ text and make an assessment.
  • Technology
    • Export Control definition of the term “technology”
    • How a company can determine if their technology is licensable and where the technology controls can be found
    • Different means of technology transfer
    • Compliance and record-keeping related to technology
  • Trade –the range of trade controls, including trafficking and brokering of goods and specified activities controls.
  • End-Use Controls –Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD catch-all) and military end-use controls.
  • Licence types and the licensing process
    • different types of licence
    • common pitfalls when completing a licence application
    • how decisions are made when issuing or refusing a licence
    • End User Undertaking Workshop.
  • Compliance
    • why you will receive a compliance visit and what to expect.
  • Concluding remarks including staff training
    • ideas for staff training, and why it is so important
    • why things go wrong and the consequences

Cost: £150

We recommend you review the Learning Path and think carefully about what you need to achieve from these courses, before deciding which level suits you best.

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